Project 3

The role of phagocytic glia in aging and neurodegeneration

Recent studies in both vertebrates and invertebrates showed that neurons interact with glia from very early stages of development and that these interactions are critical for the establishment, function and maintenance of the nervous system.We take advantage of the fly model in order to elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying interactions between neurons and phagocytic glia during aging and neurodegeneration

Glia in the adult Drosophila brain.

25-40 μm 3D projections are shown. (A) anti-REPO immunostaining labels all glial nuclei. (B-D) Glial cells are visualized using specific drivers and a cytoplasmic GFP reporter (UAScytGFP). (B) pan-glial <em>repoGal4 </em>labels all glial cells. (C,D) Specific drivers for ensheathing (C) and astrocyte-like (D) glia depict specific glial cell types. Bar, 50 μm